‘Family Food Battle’ takes over TVJ

Food lovers and those looking for creativity and high drama in the kitchen are in for an amazing treat, with week after week of delicious, fun, mouthwatering cook-off on the new series, Family Food Battle.

‘Family Food Battle’ takes over TVJ

The series airs on TVJ beginning on Sunday, June 19, at 5:30 p.m.

Each week, Family Food Battle will feature two families across Jamaica in a friendly but fiercely competitive cook-off, with teams competing for a cash prize of $50,000 weekly.

At the beginning of the competition, participating families will be given a ‘mystery box’ chockfull of local ingredients that they must transform into delicious meals within 90 minutes.


The choice of dishes will be completely up to the contestants, and will be judged based on taste, creativity, originality, teamwork and presentation.

Twenty- six families will be showcasing their culinary talents on Family Food Battle. They were chosen from across the island after a rigorous behind-the-scenes audition process.

Judging will be done by the hosts, Chef Andre Sewell and Chef Samantha George, who will trek across the island to monitor preparation and savour the dishes.

“No one is exempt from Family Food Battle,” said Alrick McKenzie, creator and executive producer of the show. “It is a family show that can be enjoyed by every family in Jamaica and beyond, as they watch other families go up against each other in the kitchen. There will be much drama, tension and debates as these families battle each other to see who can come out with the best meal! It is definitely a must-watch!”

While it promises to be half-hour of heated rivalry, family drama, good choices, bad choices, and the unexpected, this new reality show is more than just fun, drama and winnings. It is about giving viewers invaluable knowledge on how to use select ingredients to make a complete meal; how to eat on a low budget; and how to make the simplest of foods into tasty and nutritious meals for the entire family.

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