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Superfoods for HEALTH

Bursting with goodness, these scrumptious superfoods all pack a healthy punch ◆ Go Italian! OLIVE OIL is high in monounsaturated fats that reduce our levels of the harmful LDL form of cholesterol. It’s thought to be behind many of the longevity benefits of the traditional Mediterranean diet. Read : This Is How To Start Eating…

The significance of obtaining adequate vitamin D during the winter months

Question: I KNOW we’re meant to take vitamin D supplements in the winter, but what’s the best way to take them — and does the type of vitamin D matter? . A MORE than 20 per cent of adults in the UK are deficient in vitamin D, according to the most recent (government-funded) National Diet…

crispy oyster mushroom skewers with crushed chickpeas

serves 2 There’s a hierarchy of mushrooms, and oyster are at the top. 400g oyster mushrooms chilli oil 80g olive oil 60g rose harissa (or 30g regular harissa and 2 tbs olive oil) 3 ⁄4 tsp Urfa chilli flakes (or dried chilli flakes) 3 ⁄4 tsp caster sugar 14 ⁄ tsp table salt crushed chickpeas…

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